Video Teaching

Each of the videos below will be a short presentation lasting 10 mins at the most on a particular aspect of dermatoscopic diagnosis. They should play normally on a PC with Windows. If you have a Mac you will need to download Flip4Mac first before clicking the link.
Here you can download a video summary of the week's cases from the blog by Dr Ian McColl. You could probably stream it to your TV if there was nothing better to watch. They are usually about 50Mbs in size. The duration is shown after each webinar. Click on the following links for the  video Teleconferences. If you have a Mac computer you will need to have downloaded Flip4Mac to view these WMV files. They will play as is on PCs with the normal windows media player.
All mistakes are Dr McColl's!!

2010-08-07 13.34 Week 2nd-6th Aug 2010  (42 mins)  (Cliff, Ian, Peter, Jeff and Greg present)

2010-08-13 19.50 Week 9th-13th Aug 2010   (37mins)  (Tim, Jean-Yves, Alan, Gary and Con present)

2010-08-29 05.35 Week 23rd - 27th Aug 2010   (40 mins) (Tim, Jean-Yves, Alan, Gary and Con present)

2010-09-10 19.45 Week 6th-10th September 2010 (42mins)(Tim, Jean-Yves, Alan, Gary and Con present)

OK Too much work to do weekly videos! Perhaps better to do a video on what I consider are particularly good posts, posts which are original and which have an important message or concept to discuss.

Cliff Rosendahl on angles in pigmented lesions Mon 27th Sep 2010  (13 mins)

Tim Hackett on peripheral segmental Brown Dots and Clods  (9 mins)

Greg Canning and Cliff Rosendahl on Grey Circles  (20 mins)

You can listen and view a recent broadcast from the Rural Health Education Foundation hosted by Norman Swan and featuring two of the authors of this blog. Click on this link It runs for an hour but covers some good clinical cases and will give you a overview of the likely clinical situations you will find in Skin Cancer Practice. You will have to register but this takes less than a minute. The registration link is in the top right hand corner of the page you will be taken to by clicking on the link above.

Tim Hackett on peripheral segmental Brown Dots and Clods  (9 mins)

Ian McColl on the Histopathology of Pigmented Skin Lesions (60 mins)