Sunday, August 29, 2010

Melanoma in situ mainly

View this YouTube video on Melanoma, mainly in situ. Click on the arrow and when it starts go to the bottom of the screen and change the 360 resolution to 1080 and then click on the box with the arrows pointing out to enlarge to full screen. These videos are recorded in high definition which makes for great viewing if you have a fast broadband connection. Press ESC on your keyboard to return to normal size.

We can show melanoma with each of the structures mentioned below but most melanomas have a mixture of structures or clues and several colours. With that in mind consider the following examples and also look again at the video on Clues to Melanoma.

Melanoma as thickened lines reticular

Melanoma as lines branched
Melanoma as lines curved

Melanoma as lines parallel ridges

Melanoma as Lines radial peripheral or pseudopods

Melanoma as white lines

Melanoma as grey circles

Melanoma as brown circles
Melanoma as clods

Melanoma as blue clods

Melanoma as grey dots

Melanoma as brown dots

Melanoma as peripheral black dots and clods

Melanoma as polygons

Melanoma as structureless Blue grey or Blue white

Melanoma as pink dot vessels

Melanoma as polymorphic vessels plus dots