Sunday, August 29, 2010


View this YouTube video on Clods. Click on the arrow and when it starts go to the bottom of the screen and change the 360 resolution to 1080 and then click on the box with the arrows pointing out to enlarge to full screen. These videos are recorded in high definition. Press ESC on your keyboard to return to normal size.

Clods vary in size shape and colour. Some could be described as globules. They represent collections of pigmented cells particularly nests in nevi and melanoma but also in seborrhoeic keratoses. They can also be made up of clumps of melanin, melanophages or pigmented milial cysts or melanin in clumps of basal cell carcinomas where they are characteristically blue clods. In congenital nevi the brown clods are packed together and evenly spaced and sized. In melanomas the brown clods vary in size, shape and colour and are distributed unevenly throughout the lesion but often peripherally Because of their size they pack the papillary dermis and hence are found in dermal net holes rather than on the pigment network lines.
Have a look at the examples below.